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Bio Tees Organic Teas

Our Organic Range 2021

come and explore our new organic catalogue: you can expect exquisite orthodox teas, flavoured varieties and pre-packaged tea specialities. Needless to say, our Gourmet Coffees, matching confectionary highlights and our premium, popular Hall of Tea assortment also feature prominently in the catalogue. Enjoy discovering our organic assortment (log in required)!

First Flush Teas 2021

When the tea bushes start to sprout after the winter hiatus, the new tea season in Darjeeling begins. The first harvest period of the year (first flush) usually begins in early March. After that, the very first, finest and most delicate leaves of the bushes are plucked. A limited portion of the fine spring teas are imported by air freight shortly after plucking. The so-called „airfreight teas“ are distinguished by their harvest-fresh character and flowery flavour notes.Preorder these unique varieties now. Just don't wait too long, because our offer is only valid while stocks last.

Special Offers ins Spring 2021

We are spring cleaning to make room for new products and starting the bargain hunt: discover the numerous attractive accessories at unbeatable prices we have carefully put together for you.

Enjoy your shopping and browsing experience!

Summer & Novelties 2021

The articles from our new summer catalogue offer, in addition to our main catalog, plenty of ideas for you to enjoy life to the full. For example, our new teas and matching iced tea recipes illustrate the diversity of summer flavours. Our accessory articles reflect all the colours of summer and, thanks to their functionality, are the perfect companions for the hot season. Our gift sets are sure to bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. Wishing you a pleasant browsing experience!

The Trend Drink: Bubble Tea

Have you ever tried Bubble Tea? Bubble Tea, or Pearl Milk Tea, is the trend drink from Asia: it is made on the basis of tea with various ingredients such as milk, juice and syrup. With tapioca pearls, the star of every bubble tea creation, it becomes a unique treat.
Made of the brown-coloured root of the manioc plant, the mild and slightly sweet tapioca pearls mainly consist of starch. After only 5 minutes in boiling water, our pearls already develop into black bubbles. Combine them with teas of your choice and other fun ingredients to make individual and creative Bubble-Tea beverages, such as FROZEN BUBBLE LEMONADE and RASPBERRY BUBBLE LATTE.

Refreshed and fit into the new year: With our Ayurveda & Fasting teas

You will find the perfect balance for your energy in our Ayurvedic teas. In our herb tea blends you will find the ideal symbiosis from the Ayurvedic teachings and the European imagination and expectation of taste. Have you ever looked for a “different” tea? Then you will find it here. These intense varieties of taste come from organic cultivation and do not contain any additional flavouring.
We hope you enjoy trying them and wish you a healthy and relaxed New Year!

Our new TEA ON THE BEACH Ice Teas!

We are extending our TEA ON THE BEACH assortment with these six new, refreshing summer drinks. The three organic teas and the three bestseller varieties are all made from directly brewed tea and packed in practical, no-deposit Tetra Paks.
The perfect, well-balanced combination of tea base, fruity freshness and subtle sweetness in a cheerful feel good design will refresh you all day long.

Los favoritos de los catadores de té: Lo más destacado de Kagoshima, Japón

La prefectura de Kagoshima, en el suroeste de Japón, se caracteriza por un clima subtropical, condiciones óptimas de cultivo y largos periodos de cosecha. Con mucho cuidado y conocimiento, se crean aquí, año tras año, calidades de té sobresalientes, que no sólo convencen al paladar experto de nuestros catadores de té. En nuestro último viaje al país de origen, dos tés de esta región nos llamaron la atención. Nos gustaría compartir nuestra fascinación por esta joven zona de cultivo con usted y sus clientes! Además de los productos a granel, ambos tipos de té también están disponibles como edición especial en una caja de regalo de alta calidad.

Sus postales de té individuales

Ahora puede obtener nuestras tarjetas postales de té más vendidas, con 2 bolsas piramidales de nuestras especialidades de té con su propio diseño ¡Sus ideas no tienen límites!. Ya sean regalos de Navidad, invitaciones, vales de regalo, como regalo publicitario o sorteo. Póngase en contacto con nosotros y diseñaremos sus invitaciones o su propia línea de tarjetas personales.


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