The trend drink: Creative Bubble Tea

The trendy Bubble Tea, or Pearl Milk Tea, comes from Asia where it has been popular for a long time: it is made on the basis of tea with various ingredients such as milk, juice, fruits and syrup. Tapioca pearls are the star in every bubble tea creation and make it a unique treat.
Made of the brown-coloured root of the manioc plant, the mild and slightly sweet tapioca pearls mainly consist of starch. After only 5 minutes in boiling water, our pearls already develop into black bubbles. Combine them with teas of your choice and other fun ingredients to make individual and creative Bubble Tea beverages. Taste it yourself and try out our exciting recipe ideas!

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Geschenkbox "Bubble Tea Box"
inkl. Trinkglas mit Schraubdeckel, Trinkhalm,
Reinigungsbürste, 1 Tüte à 250g Tapiokaperlen
und 5 Rezeptkarten

tapioca pearls
diameter 0.8-1.0 cm
bag à 250g

Beem water kettle II with tea strainer
different temprature settings, keep-warm funktion
1.7 l

Tea scoop
stainless steel
18 cm

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