Single Origin highland coffee from Vilcabamba

Do you already know our aromatic highland coffee from Ecuador? Vilcabamba, literally translated "The Holy Valley", is a small village in southern Ecuador with the fitting co-name "Valley of the Centenarians". There is no other city in the western hemisphere where more people grow older than 100 years and are still healthy and fit. Whether this is due to the excellent climate or due to the "Agua de Oro", the golden water, which can be found in this valley, has not yet been scientifically proven. There is no doubt, however, that speciality coffees are grown here at an altitude of 1,500 m. We are very pleased that we have once again managed to get hold of a small batch from the current harvest at a very special price for you.

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Coffee Ecuador Vilcabamba
bag of 1 kg, whole bean

Coffee Ecuador Vilcabamba
bag of 250 g, whole bean

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