Tea Tasters Favourites: Our highlights from Kagoshima, Japan

The prefecture of Kagoshima in the south-west of Japan is characterized by a subtropical climate, optimal growing conditions and long harvest times. With a lot of care and knowhow, outstanding tea qualities are created here year after year, which not only convince the trained palate of our tea tasters. On our last journey to the source country two teas from this region struck our fancy. We would like to share our fascination for this young cultivation area with you and your customers! In addition to the loose goods, you will also receive both types of tea in a special high-quality gift box.

Valid as long as stocks last.

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Gift set "Tea Tasters Kagoshima Box"
Tin Set Anakusa
1 x 125g Sencha Kirishima, 1 x 80g Yakushima

Organic Black Tea Japan

Organic Green Tea Japan
Sencha Kirishima

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