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We feature several brands of our own: Cha Cult, Café Cult, Tea since 1836, Tea on the Beach, and Hall of Tea. Visit our brand sites and discover innovative and exclusive products.


Originally, the brand ChaCult was only supposed to serve as a means to communicate the origin of a product to our customers. But, as the years went by, ChaCult developed into a seal for quality and a guarantee of success of a product. We are proud that our brand has become such a strong name in the market. This is due to the success of our strategy of focusing on creating unique products.
Only items convincing through high quality and excellent design are allowed to hold our stamp ChaCult.

Café Cult

In November 2004, the first own coffee, branded ‘Café Cult’, was roasted in the in-house roasting facilities. Our coffees are roasted gently in a gas-powered drum roaster exactly to the point, under the lead of our experienced, industry- wide known roast master.

Newly discovered rarities from their respective countries of origin, as well as new trends can now be launched on the market much more quicker and competently which delight our Café Cult fan worldwide.
The standardised coffee range currently consists of more than 40 selected varieties. Always in search of exclusive supplements of this assortment, our coffee roasters are pleased to offer you absolute rarities, such as Kopi Luwak or seasonal delicacy like the Maple Walnut. All our specialties are offered in a noble, modern coffee bag with pressure valve.

Tea since 1836

This trade mark covers our whole tea expertise since 1836. Tradition and innovation not only reflect in the design. The top sellers of our whole tea offer are unified in this powerful league: only the best tea creations bear the seal “since 1836”. Thus, a wide spectrum is covered in this tea assortment: from classical specialties, premium rarities and extraordinary specialties from extraordinary countries to popular creations of our tea tasters with modern approaches. Small lots from our tea manufactory, packed in ready-to-sell design packaging are a guarantor for first-class specialist shop quality in unique freshness.

Tea on the Beach

TEA ON THE BEACH Ice Tea is the perfect thirst quencher for any taste preference.
Our well-tried classic range with modern flavours and a summery design has a loyal fanbase. Three taste combinations of the most popular tea top sellers now complement this range, directly brewed, in a trendy design. Finally, the assortment is rounded off by three organic teas which were directly brewed and will quickly win over many fans thanks to their contemporary, classic packaging.
All ice tea ranges have this in common: a perfect, well-balanced combination of tea base, fruity freshness and subtle sweetness in an eye-catching design making them the perfect companion for all day long refreshment in handy Tetra Paks.

Hall of Tea

The brand for tea trade!

Hall of Tea values the authentic culture of tea and preserves its purity and authentic origin. The brand seeks the patronage of tea connoisseurs and inquisitive minds. This cannot only be reached thanks to the quality. The striking packaging concept also does its part. The form and colouring has a true presence, is unique and will be recognised easily, while underlining tea competence. The world of Hall of Tea is characterised by highest quality and only the best ingredients.
Each variety by itself authentically represents the characteristics of its origin. Hall of Tea is an ideal partner to equip your shop with a complete assortment of exceptional tea varieties and a well-developed brand and packaging strategy.

Sweet Cult

No matter whether tea or coffee… both can very well be enjoyed with something sweet. Whether this is directly added to the drink or offered on the side depends on your taste. Everyone will easily be able to find his or her own favourite supplement. Actually, the term supplement is too belittling for this stand-alone product range, which is very independent but reaches perfection in combination with coffee or tea. Of course, the selection of our products is closely linked to the concept of speciality shops. This means that freshness and high quality are of utmost importance, either in bulk units, which are then packed into individual size units before the eyes of the customer, or in pretty single packaged units, which underline the speciality shop quality. The focus hereby is on high quality production and a product philosophy, which remains true to its tradition while bringing forward new developments.

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