As many readers might recall, syrup has been in existence since the 70s. However, at that time, it was very dark, incredibly sweet and was mainly mixed with water. Later on it was used to enhance milkshakes and mixed drinks in the bar sector. Nowadays, due to our coffee culture and more adventurous baristas, syrup is also added to coffee, tea and even to milk to enhance their flavours. As in other sectors, success in one product may lead to an increase in the production of a variety of assortments. The result of this can be seen in our Café Cult Syrup selection. Our previous experience with flavours proved to be very useful when creating the next four syrups which blended perfectly well with our range of products, whilst at the same time adhering to our quality standards. This new range was based on a less-sweet sugar solution that also served as a preservative.
The right balance of sweetness and taste creates a delightful aromatic composition found in every brew. In this way, the syrup flavour does not overpower the aroma of the coffee or tea blend, but rather remains in the background. Thanks to the new design, the larger as well as the smaller bottles now have a more attractive and fresher look, which is indeed rather eye catching.

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