Tea - Our DNA
Tea has been our core business since 1836 and we have constantly enlarged our dynamic team with both young and experienced colleagues. By creating new, innovative varieties, we continuously optimise our range and adapt to the ever-changing international market.

Apart from the 500 standard catalogue teas, we offer rarities, classical teas and over 5.000 special flavours that are readily available. The carefully selected raw materials are ennobled with particular ingredients and scents and packed according to the client’s wishes in 1 kg, 5 kg or 25 kg containers. Individual blends can be obtained starting from a minimum order of at least 5 kg.

From coffee culture to Café Cult
November 2004 saw the birth of our in-house roastery with the roasting of green coffee into our prestigious roast coffee brand “Café Cult”. We have been able to place both rarities from the countries of origin and trends on the market without neglecting our standard assortment, which by now counts over 100 selected coffee specialities. These are available in wholesale packaging as well as consumer packages. What’s more, we roast exclusive client blends as well as diverse coffee specialities for a wide number of our customers and we are happy to offer private labelling services on top. Finally, our coffee has revolutionised the specialised tea shop concept and it is impossible to imagine both our business and that of many tea shops without this successful product segment.

Kaffeeverkostung CafeCult

The best treats - Confectionery
Sweets are the cherry on the cake to complete the product portfolio of specialty tea and coffee shops. Many of our clients are glad to be able to purchase a multitude of different products from a single source. Our confectionery sector was inaugurated in 2004 and it has become part and parcel of our range. We stock exquisite brands of small-scale, European manufactories that are visually and qualitatively superior to conventional products as well as exclusive wholesale qualities for the deli counter. The D&B label range Sweet cult, Café Cult and Tea on the Beach are solid pillars in this sector.

Accessories – More than just accessoires
The accessories sector is one of our strengths and one of our company’s cornerstones. Over the years, this sector has developed into one of the strongest in the tea world. Due to our immense success, we have the possibility to produce many items using our own designs that always respect the latest trends in design, colours and shapes while ensuring their unique character. These diverse, exclusive products almost automatically lead to our and therefore your commercial success. Our accessories range comprises over 1.500 items, and approximately 500 new articles are presented in the catalogue each year. The exclusive selection is subject to strict quality characteristics. Particularly the long-standing cooperation with small manufactories all over the world guarantees for our high quality. Our accessory logo “ChaCult” has become a strong brand of its own.

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