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New edition: order the German t-magazine at a special price!

The specialised magazine for the tea industry was born out of a passion for tea, and this is reflected on every page - sorry, every leaf: the aim is to bring the universe of tea culture to life with great photography, beautiful illustrations and exciting reports, portraits and interviews. There are carefully designed tips on preparation, information on the history of tea, pictures of fine ceramics and practical Accessoires.

The magazine is currently published around four times a year in German and has recently launched an international edition. Starting with the upcoming autumn issue, we will also have the English version available for you!

Special Offers in Spring 2024

Discover the brand-new spring edition of D&B's "Special Offers”. In this brochure you will find carefully selected accessories with unbeatable discounts - save up to 74%!

(Valid from March 28th, 2024 – as long as stocks last)


Darjeeling First Flush 2024 – preorder our exquisite tea specialties now!
We are pleased to present our eagerly awaited First Flush offer. Once again, we have selected some very special black tea highlights from Darjeeling for you.

Below, you will find extensive information on our First Flush teas, which will be available from the end of April/beginning of May and are open for advance orders.

Summer & Novelties 2024

We are delighted to present the new D&B summer catalogue, straight off the press. We are looking forward to a colourful and tasteful summer season. Thus, to the point descriptions of our new summer highlights, such as "lively", "refreshing" and "pure" were chosen to characterise our categories.

With this year's range for the warm season, we are embarking on a colourful journey towards summer never forgetting our latest tea creations and accessories as well as our delicious recipe ideas in a fresh design. We also have new and unusual specialities in store. For example, you can discover tea made from coffee leaves or powdered mate. Our popular Tea Bears® are a particular highlight and are now also available in new vegan variations. We hope you enjoy your first dip into summer!

Two of our top-selling teas have been added to our pyramid range

Choose between boxes in a modern and attractive design with 15 pyramids each in a sealed inner bag  and boxes with 50 individually packed sachets. The boxes have multilingual declarations and come as usual with matching stickers in English. The 50 sachets in the box are available in German and English.

Drip Coffee Bags: Single Cup Portions To Go

Discover our new Drip Coffee Bags - the convenient and easy way to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee! These bags contain already ground coffee and are designed to be brewed directly in a cup or mug of hot water. This makes them ideal for on the go, the office or environments where a quick and easy coffee solution is needed, always with the popular Café Cult quality and full flavour!

The Drip Coffee Bags are available in different flavours. All varieties can already be found mixed in our recently introduced Advent calendars. Just in time for the new main catalogue, we are also introducing three Mixboxes, which we have put together for you according to the categories Single Origin Coffee, Fine Coffee Blends and Flavoured Coffee to meet the needs of every coffee drinker.

Main Catalogue 2023/2024

Over the past few months, our product developers, tea tasters, coffee roasters and buyers have developed new trendy products and discovered specialities from all over the world with an incredible amount of passion and energy. We are thrilled and pleased to be able to present the results to you today with the new catalogue.

Look forward to exciting new compositions in our flavoured teas and coffees, very special single-origin herbs, our Drip Coffee Bags in three different mixed boxes, new Tea Bears® varieties and many more sweet confectionery products, pre-packaged highlights and, of course, a range of exclusive new designs in the accessories section.

You will also find a simplified overview of our customisable options, showing an even wider range of products that can be personalised for you.

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy browsing through our new catalogue, now also available digitally as a flip catalogue.

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New: Cold Brew Tea

The refreshing cold Infusion: 6 varieties of Cold Brew tea in zip bags of 100 g each in a practical display box. Cold Brew tea is the perfect choice for the cold infusion of particularly refreshing teas. Compared to the conventional preparation of tea with hot water, "Cold Brew Tea" uses cold water. Using a special technique, our special green, black and fruit tea blends for cold brewing have been treated to reduce germs, so you can safely enjoy drinking them even when they have been steeped in cold water. T

Discover our brand new Christmas catalogue and prepare for the holiday Season

Christmas teas, aromatic coffees and seasonal accessory and confectionery highlights are waiting for you:

Festive advent Calendars

Our exclusive Advent Calendars are the perfect companion in the run-up to Christmas. Next to our popular Tea Advent Calendars, we are excited to introduce our new Coffee- and Tea-Bear® Calendars this year.

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Am 21. Mai ist Tag des Tees – jetzt passendes "Tea around the world" Geschenkset bestellen!

Am 21. Mai ist Tag des Tees. Frei nach dem Motto "die ganze Welt in meiner Tasse" laden wir Sie auf eine genussvolle Reise ein!

Mit unserer „Tea Around the World“ Geschenkbox gehen Sie ab dem 19.04. auf kulinarische Weltreise.
Je nachdem, wohin es Sie gerade zieht, genießen Sie eine der fünf im Set enthaltenen geschmackvollen Sorten. Begleitet wird das Set durch unseren Porzellan Becher im passenden „Tea around the World“ Design.

Fruity Tea Bears - new flavours available!

Have you ever tried our tea bears? These little fruit gums are uniquely versatile, very popular with young and old and inspired by some of our favourite tea creations! To prepare a hot drink, stir one to two bears in a mug of hot water. And of course, all of these bears can also be simply nibbled.

New organic range 2023

Over the last few months we have been working hard to restructure and transform our organic product range. We are pleased to be able to present the result of our efforts to you today. You can expect a comprehensive and refined range of loose teas, premium coffees and an exclusive selection of high-quality confectionery. 

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Big teamug & Magic Tea Maker sale

We have taken the red pen and reduced popular accessories items for the holiday season! Take advantage of a special offer on our Magic Tea Maker and our popular teamugs collection: scaled prices with up to 20% discount per piece!

Jetzt neu: Portionierte Ayurveda-Tees in Bio-Qualität!

Ayurveda-Tees sind seit jeher allseits beliebt und wir freuen uns sehr, ihnen vier unserer beliebtesten Kräuterteemischungen in Bio-Qualität ab sofort auch im Portionsbeutel anbieten zu können!

Sie erhalten unsere edlen Qualitäten in pyramidenförmigen Teebeuteln mit idealen Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten für den erstklassigen Genuss. Eingefasst in Schachteln in modernem und auffälligem Design, geschützt durch einen versiegelten Innenbeutel erhalten Sie jeweils 15 Pyramiden pro Packung.

New Choc-o-lait Sticks: Matcha & Chai

Just in time for the festive season we are enlarging our Choc-o-lait assortment by two exciting new varieties: Matcha and Chai Latte! The white chocolate with Matcha ganache and the milk chocolate with Chai Latte ganache are more than a stick with a chocolate cube: The trendy chocolate stick made of finest Belgian chocolate will enthuse you thanks to their easy preparation and delicious taste.

Exquisite drinking chocolate in your own personal design: A highlight for your christmas Season

The days are getting shorter again and the Christmas business is slowly gathering momentum. We have prepared another appropriate sweet highlight for you: hot chocolate from quality manufacturer Wildbach in your individual design!

Our marketing department Shopoutfit not only designs personalised labels, sleeves and other promotional materials for your shop, we also design the packaging for these fine, aromatic drinking chocolates. You can choose from our customizable design suggestions which can be customised with your logo, or let us design a completely individual label for you. The minimum order quantity is 250 pieces per variety and you can have them in your shop within four weeks!

The 200g tins are available in a vegan version with a cocoa content of 70% as well as a caramel version with a cocoa content of 50%.

If you are interested, please contact your sales consultant - we look forward to developing this product for you and wish you a good start to the Christmas Season!

Indian organic coffee: join our fundraising campaign for the World Coffee Day!

Just in time for World Coffee Day on October 1st, we have prepared a new coffee display with the finest organic coffee from India for you: Try our aromatic coffee Kerala AAA and support the Siddharta Foundation:

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