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The new catalogue 2019/2020 is online!

The 2019/2020 range is full to bursting with innovative new products that meet the spirit of the times: trend ingredients such as Manuka honey or Guayusa, an expanded premium tea bag range, ecologically sustainable packaging materials, customisable chocolate packaging and a large number of new plantation coffees, to name just a few. In addition, we have redesigned our Christmas assortment. Start the 2019/2020 season with us! Open the door to the whole D&B world of pleasure with the following links:

Our Topsellers in organic varities!

Following the spirit of sustainability, in recent years we have continuously expanded our organic range. We can already offer a wide range of classic orthodox teas in organic quality. Now we are taking one step further! Our top sellers among the refined tea varieties are now available additionally in an organic version!

Award-winning top coffee: "Cup of Excellence" category "Brazil Naturals 2018"

The "Cup of Excellence" represents the highest award a coffee can receive and the jury is composed of international coffee experts. The aim of the competition is to determine the best coffees in a country. The top coffees from the cuppings are then auctioned off to the highest bidder. This year, with a lot of luck, we succeeded in obtaining a small batch of the winning coffee from the category "Brazil Naturals 2018". And the winner is... "Fazenda Paraíso"! more.

Just in: Darjeeling first flush "Monteviot DJ1/19" (Organic)

This mature first flush Darjeeling was air-shipped fresh from the harvest. In the cup, the elegant spring tea unfolds its full-bodied character with floral hints and a light sweetness. An absolute highlight from the first picking period of the year!

New: Rooibos Caramel now as a pyramidal teabag

The well-known classic from the Rooibos range has recently become one of our most popular teas and therefore completes our high-quality pyramid bag range with immediate effect. As a folding box with 15 pieces or individually packed as a storage unit with 50 sachets.

Special Offers 2019-2020

We are clearing our warehouse to make room for our new assortment. Rejoice in sales, which reach as far as the eye can see: we have drastically reduced over 350 items in our accessories range. Save up to 76% on our regular prices. Only as long as stocks last! Prices valid from 16.03.2019!

Air-freighted Tea 2019
Long before the first teas of the season are even harvested in the Himalayas, our experienced tea buyers have already secured a supply of the finest spring teas. In addition to the popular tea gardens "Monteviot" and "Steinthal", this year for the first time we have booked an air-freighted tea from a small, independent Nepalese cooperative, which we warmly recommend.

In order to preserve the quality and the unique first flush characteristics, we only import mature leaf teas from selected gardens. Our selection offers a small glimpse of the highlights of the first picking period of the year. As usual, this is a tea that is only available in limited quantities, so you can now reserve your desired tea even before it reaches our premises.

The D&B Summer Catalogue 2019 has arrived!

For the first time ever new summer catalogue is ready! It’s fresh and peppered with a juicy selection of accessories and brewed drinks. Colourful themes present the summer in all its facets and invite you to linger and explore. Cool recipes provide the necessary refreshment on hot days. Welcome to the sunny side of life.

Real Geisha coffee from Costa Rica - Red Honey processed

Geisha coffee from the highlands of Costa Rica is one of the finest coffees in the world. The multifaceted aroma of the coffee beans dried in their pulp is hard to beat in complexity. Due to the gentle roasting process in our own coffee roastery, we have succeeded in producing a full-bodied coffee that brings out the taste characteristics of this variety in an outstanding way.