flav. Coffee "Turkish Honey" in 250 g bag, whole bean

No. 12342
VPE: 1 KT à 4 ST

Origin and Plantation
Green coffees from the best highland plantations of Colombia as well as from the sun-kissed slopes of Brazil are combined with a deliciously soft flavour. An exceptional taste experience for demanding coffee lovers. This flavoured speciality becomes an absolute indulgence thanks to the traditionally slow roasting and the use of naturally mild coffees.

Character and Taste
A deliciously sweet scent, which is combined with the coffee. It reminds of freshly cut “Turkish Honey“, with its light flavour of nuts and almonds, and invites you to indulge. Refine this speciality with a dash of cream!

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flav. Coffee "Turkish Honey"

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flav. Coffee "Turkish Honey"

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