Organic Green Tea China Mao Feng Tea DE-ÖKO-003

  • No. 21006
  • VPE: 1 bolsa à 1 KG

While this tea has been part of our assortment as a conventionally grown variety for a long time, we are now finally able to also offer an organic quality. Preceding from the province of Zhejiang it is harvested on altitudes of 500 to 600 m starting at the beginning of April. The cultivation area is close to the mountain “Jiu Long Shan” (mountain of the nine dragons). Due to its “wild” leaf structure, it is also called “criss cross”. The dark green, twisted Sinensis leaf will surprise you in the cup with a fine scent and a colour, which reminds of fully ripe, bright lemons. Delicate and soft in flavour, yet very aromatic.

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