Manuka Honey, MGO 250 , 50 gramm

  • Gluten free
  • No. 52355
  • VPE: 1 KT à 6 ST

Enjoy the flavour of New Zealand's tea tree!

This honey comes from the mountains and valleys of the Wairarapa region of New Zealand! The bushes of the New Zealand Tea Tree, also known as Mānuka in the Māori language, grow on the craggy slopes of the coastal mountains. Honey bees collect nectar from the white flowers, which contains a proportion of the ingredients of the Mānuka shrub as a concentrate. The honey is selected directly from the beekeeper in New Zealand according to strict criteria. The purity of Manuka honey based on pollen count, as well as the absence of harmful substances, is our top priority. The methylglyoxal concentration (MGO) of our Mānuka honey is certified by two independent laboratories in New Zealand and Germany. This involves a dual verification of our Mānuka honey. The quality therefore fulfils our high standards for natural honey, which has been appreciated in many cultures for thousands of years and is now also appreciated here. Experience the typical creamy honey flavour with a fruity and agreeably earthy aftertaste.

What is MGO?

Methylglyoxal (C3H402, also known as 2-oxopropanal, or MGO for short) is a valuable carbonyl compound and a quality feature of honey. Our certified Manuka honey is of particularly high quality due to its high concentration of MGO (MGO xxx / UMF* yyy).
*UMF: unit introduced by the New Zealand ‘Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association’ (UMFHA) to define the quality levels of Mānuka honey. Genuine Mānuka honey is to be distinguished from counterfeits.