Tin production

Almost all steps in the tin production require manual labour.

The only part done mechanically occurs right at the beginning of production, after the design has been agreed. This design is printed on large tin plates at the printers. These tin plates are then cut into stripes by the cutting machine in order to get the individual components of the tin.


This important production step makes sure that the person using this tin cannot be cut by the sharp edge and also serves as a means to attach the bottom.

Simultaneously, the bottom and lid of the tin are cut from the tin plate. Each bottom is placed by hand in a machine, which embosses it with the logo ChaCult. Each lid is formed into its correct shape by another machine.

After all individual components were formed, they are assembled by hand and the finished tin is created.
It now reaches the quality control, which is done manually as well as mechanically. Each tin is individually wrapped in a plastic bag before being assembled in a box for shipment.
Our factory employs approximately 550 employees and reaches a volume of
2 – 3 million tins per month.

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