Skilfull handcraft, a sense for timing and only the best ingredients
form the basis of the production of temptingly delicious caramel. Our
caramel is defined by only a few select ingredients. An exact proportion
of water, sugar and glucose is brought to a temperature of approx.
160 °C in a steam kettle until the desired level of browning is reached,
yielding the very typical roast flavour of caramel. A special blend of
finest butter and condensed milk is now added and heated again in the
kettle. As soon as the desired texture, level of roasting and flavour
composition are reached, the liquid mass of caramel is poured into
cold, flat bowls to cool down. The desired texture and special taste
experience is gained by slowly drying the caramel in an oven using
flavour-protective, low temperatures. After this process is finalised,
the caramel is moulded by hand into the desired shape.

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