Sweet Cult Honey

Honey was already used in the Stone Age to sweeten food.
Today, the Honey Directive regulates the minimum quality of products brought into the market, e.g. that honey may not be heated above 45°C so that the important enzymes and flavour particles are preserved. Honey consists of approximately 200 components, the composition of which varies from variety to variety. The main components are fructose and glucose. Our Sweet Cult honey assortment offers you the best selection of finest honey specialities:
Honeydew Honey
This honey comes from the honeydew which is collected by the bees
from the sweet secretions of aphids or other plant sap-sucking insects which have their home on spruces, Douglas firs, pine trees or fir trees.
It remains liquid and is characterised by its dark colour and a strong, slightly bitter flavour.
Sunflower Honey
Sunflower honey, which comes from the vibrant, yellow-coloured fields of tall growing sunflowers, has a well-balanced, very aromatic flavour and a golden-yellow colour. Its scent is slightly resinous.
Acacia Honey
Acacia honey comes from robinia forests and has a very fine, mild flavour, which is ideal to have with your tea.
Acacia honey remains liquid for a long time and has a light, transparent, golden-yellow shimmering colour.
Wildflower Honey
This honey comes from a number of different flowers. It is often collected while the fruit trees are in bloom and is lightly coloured with a somewhat stronger flavour than clover honey.

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