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First Flush Teas 2021

When the tea bushes start to sprout after the winter hiatus, the new tea season in Darjeeling begins. The first harvest period of the year (first flush) usually begins in early March. After that, the very first, finest and most delicate leaves of the bushes are plucked. A limited portion of the fine spring teas are imported by air freight shortly after plucking. The so-called „airfreight teas“ are distinguished by their harvest-fresh character and flowery flavour notes.Preorder these unique varieties now. Just don't wait too long, because our offer is only valid while stocks last.

The new spring dawn & the joy of Easter

Spring is just around the corner – and it carries the excitement of the first rays of sunshine after the dreary winter season. We are looking forward to the first blossoms, light colours and, of course, to the Easter celebration.

Summer & Novelties 2021

The articles from our new summer catalogue offer, in addition to our main catalog, plenty of ideas for you to enjoy life to the full. For example, our new teas and matching iced tea recipes illustrate the diversity of summer flavours. Our accessory articles reflect all the colours of summer and, thanks to their functionality, are the perfect companions for the hot season. Our gift sets are sure to bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. Wishing you a pleasant browsing experience!

The Trend Drink: Bubble Tea

Have you ever tried Bubble Tea? Bubble Tea, or Pearl Milk Tea, is the trend drink from Asia: it is made on the basis of tea with various ingredients such as milk, juice and syrup. With tapioca pearls, the star of every bubble tea creation, it becomes a unique treat.
Made of the brown-coloured root of the manioc plant, the mild and slightly sweet tapioca pearls mainly consist of starch. After only 5 minutes in boiling water, our pearls already develop into black bubbles. Combine them with teas of your choice and other fun ingredients to make individual and creative Bubble-Tea beverages, such as FROZEN BUBBLE LEMONADE and RASPBERRY BUBBLE LATTE.

Refreshed and fit into the new year: With our Ayurveda & Fasting teas

You will find the perfect balance for your energy in our Ayurvedic teas. In our herb tea blends you will find the ideal symbiosis from the Ayurvedic teachings and the European imagination and expectation of taste. Have you ever looked for a “different” tea? Then you will find it here. These intense varieties of taste come from organic cultivation and do not contain any additional flavouring.
We hope you enjoy trying them and wish you a healthy and relaxed New Year!

10 % additional discount on our special offers 2020!

you can now take advantage of an additional 10% discount on all already heavily discounted accessories in our special offer!
Start your bargain hunt now and stock up for the upcoming festive season! But hurry up! This offer is valid only as long as stock lasts.

Our new TEA ON THE BEACH Ice Teas!

We are extending our TEA ON THE BEACH assortment with these six new, refreshing summer drinks. The three organic teas and the three bestseller varieties are all made from directly brewed tea and packed in practical, no-deposit Tetra Paks.
The perfect, well-balanced combination of tea base, fruity freshness and subtle sweetness in a cheerful feel good design will refresh you all day long.

Discover our new hemp teas!

New year, new tea! We are delighted to present to you our new hemp tea assortment. Hemp tea was already used traditionally many centuries ago and is experiencing a true „comeback“ now. We are sure that our „super herb“ will also enthuse you, whether as a pure indulgence without any added flavouring, in a spicy Chai version, as a fruity-fresh temptation or in a harmonious herbal blend – order your samples now and find your personal favourite! Discover and enjoy!

Tea Tasters Favourites: Our highlights from Kagoshima, Japan

The prefecture of Kagoshima in the south-west of Japan is characterized by a subtropical climate, optimal growing conditions and long harvest times. With a lot of care and knowhow, outstanding tea qualities are created here year after year, which not only convince the trained palate of our tea tasters. On our last journey to the source country two teas from this region struck our fancy. We would like to share our fascination for this young cultivation area with you and your customers! In addition to the loose goods, you will also receive both types of tea in a special high-quality gift box.

The new organic catalogue is available

Dive into the world of organic teas and coffees, a world that is continuously growing in importance and discover our entire assortment in this brand new organic catalogue .If you have not yet received a personal copy, please contact your sales team or browse through our online catalogue (login required).

Your individual Tea Postcards

Our sales boosting tea postcards, filled with 2 pyramidal teabags of one of our tea specialities, can now also be personalized. You have limitless possibilities to create your own special Season’s Greetings, invitations or gift cards, use them for product launches, as giveaways or game prizes. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your ideas and create your individual tea postcard or even your own postcard assortment.

Personalized Chocolate Bars

Speaking of personalized, have you already discovered our new chocolate bars made by Bovetti which can be individualized?! You will find a detailed overview of those enclosed. We are looking forward to creating your very personal chocolate bar!

Our Topsellers in organic varities!

Following the spirit of sustainability, in recent years we have continuously expanded our organic range. We can already offer a wide range of classic orthodox teas in organic quality. Now we are taking one step further! Our top sellers among the refined tea varieties are now available additionally in an organic version!

Award-winning top coffee: "Cup of Excellence" category "Brazil Naturals 2018"

The "Cup of Excellence" represents the highest award a coffee can receive and the jury is composed of international coffee experts. The aim of the competition is to determine the best coffees in a country. The top coffees from the cuppings are then auctioned off to the highest bidder. This year, with a lot of luck, we succeeded in obtaining a small batch of the winning coffee from the category "Brazil Naturals 2018". And the winner is... "Fazenda Paraíso"! more.

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