Coffee Yemen Mocha Matari bag of 250 g, whole bean

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Origin and Plantation
In Yemen, coffee is mainly roasted in the sun. The beans are spread out on the roofs of the surrounding mud-walled houses. The coffee cherries absorb the humidity from the houses and receive an earthy note. The beans are separated from the cherries with the help of traditional millstones and then blended with traditional spices. Yemen coffee is very sought after, but only available in small amounts. The government and the agricultural department are currently trying to increase the production by establishing new cultivation methods, developing modern irrigation systems and creating protected areas for old and young coffee plants.

Character and Taste
This aromatic, fragrant coffee offers wild, exotic notes of black cherries, cinnamon and chocolate that are in perfect harmony with its pleasant tanginess. The creamy cup is made perfect by a long-lasting, clean finish of citrusy tanginess.

In Yemen, coffee is still being cultivated using traditional methods. It is picked by hand and spread out on roofs to be dried in the sun. The cultivation is almost entirely organic. Coffee from Yemen is very sought after on the world market. Its price is expensive because the country is covered to 70% by desert. Only 3% of Yemen are suitable for the cultivation of coffee and the hot climate, as well as the limited availability of water, are further obstacles. The coffee has a chocolate-like aftertaste and a distinct spiciness, which add to the unusual character of this beverage.

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