Coffee Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate bag of 250 g, whole bean

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Origin and Plantation
Sigri A has a vague similarity to the Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica and was planted in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the late 1930s. The majority of PNG coffee is grown on small farms with only 20 - 600 coffee plants, making the quality control more difficult. The Sigri Farm has a plantation size of 122 hectares and is one of the first farms that established a controlled, high quality production process.

Character and Taste
This well-balanced coffee is characterised by a chocolaty flavour and a delicate spiciness. Its aftertaste is pleasantly sweet and its intensive flavour is in perfect harmony with the fine acidity. Each sip of this coffee is pure indulgence.

Successful cultivation of coffee only started in the 1930s in Papua New Guinea when beans were smuggled to the country from Jamaica. Nowadays, however, the coffee sector is one of the most important of the country. Mainly Arabica is cultivated on plantations run by smallholders and family-run businesses. The coffee is picked by hand and dried in the sun. Its taste is comparable to that of the Jamaica Blue Mountain. Unusual notes of smoke, leaves and moss are in harmony with a natural sweetness.

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