Best of Brazil "Fazenda Lagoa" Coffee Pad 6 x 18 pads

VPE: 1 KT à 6 SC

Enjoy finest coffee of highest quality as a pad.
Our Café Cult coffee pads contain the high quality raw coffees from individually selected plantations, which were carefully roasted using the traditionally slow method. We make sure that the pads are produced just in time to avoid long storage periods and the coffee is ground immediately after roasting and individually wrapped in protective foil in a protective atmosphere. Thanks to the individual foil packaging, the quality of the coffee remains stable over a long period of time without any loss in flavour.

The coffee pads are suitable for all common pad machines.

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Coffee Pad 6 x 18 pads

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Best of Brazil "Fazenda Lagoa"

Coffee Best of Brazil "Fazenda Lagoa"