English Fudges

English Fudge Production
Fudge is a famous sweet from Great Britain and the United States.
Our variety is from Yorkshire in Northern England where it is produced
mainly by hand following an old, traditional family recipe. The main components of this delicious sweet are sugar, butter and milk.
Depending on the variety additional ingredients such as, for example, chocolate, vanilla or fine maple syrup are added to the ingredients and filled into the vat, heated, and, depending on the recipe, cooked for up to half an hour.
Small batches of 80 kg of hot fudge are made in a single production and then poured onto large plates where the fudge can cool naturally.
Later, the fudge is scored for a first time before it can cool down a further 48 hours.
Finally, the fudge is finished and can be broken into small pieces and
The crumbly consistency of the soft fudge is a sign of exceptional quality, which was made without any additives such as artificial flavouring or colouring and is also free from gluten. An exceptional product, which has received many awards.

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