Il mondo del caffè D&B

Il caffè D&B┤ fa cultura

Coffee is a fascinating drink with an exciting history. With coffee we associate far away countries, but also tradition and pleasure. Like tea, coffee is an original drink promising natural pleasure. Coffee stimulates the senses and brings color to our day. In short: We cannot imagine our culture without coffee.

Piacere puro

Entirely new worlds of taste will open to the coffee drinker when enjoying our select plantation coffees and coffee specialties. Only aromatic and high-quality coffees enrich our carefully composed assortment. The taste and aroma of these unusual top coffees will surely convince you. Taste for yourself!

La nostra torrefazione┤

Our roast master transforms exceptional green coffee beans into superior
quality coffees in our very own roaster. We like to take particular
care in the choice of our coffees, their storage and, finally, in the roasting
process. We are integrated in a network, which allows us to make
direct contact with plantation owners in the most important coffeeproducing
countries. As these are the best coffee qualities available on the international market, we are willing to accept that their prices are well above the global market’s standard.
Our D&B gourmet coffees are roasted according to the traditional slow
roasting method using low temperatures (160 – 200°C) in our gas fired
drum roaster – we consciouslydistance ourselves from industrialshock
roasting methods. Since every kind of coffee requires a different degree
of roasting, we continue “hand-roasting” our coffees. The hot coffee beans
are then quickly and gently cooled using fresh air. We have decided
not to use water for the cooling procedure, as this has a negative effecton
the coffee’s perishability. The generalframework resulting in some of the best coffeequalities in the world has thus been achieved.


Cupping: each coffee is cupped after roasting. We use the well-tried
“Hamburg harbour infusion” by which we infuse 21 g roughly ground
coffee with 350 ml water, brew it and cup it at different temperatures.
Many taste nuances can only be perceived while the coffee cools.
These taste nuances have a profound impact on the character of the
coffee. Not until the coffee finds approval, do the widely travelled beans
embark on their last journey – to you!

┤ ci potete contare!

The know-how of our coffee roaster guarantees a continuously excellent quality of our coffees. High quality standards, the best raw materials as well as experience ensure a result, which is of highest grade.

D&B Gourmet Coffee

The green coffee beans, destined to being transformed into D&B Gourmet Coffees, are chosen using our experience in selecting only premium coffeesfrom the best cultivation areas. Our roast master refines the green coffee beans so that the final result is a singular taste brought about by perfect craftsmanship.
Whether you choose our fine Perú Gourmet “Finca Rosenheim”,
the noble “Best of Brazil”, the captivating Nicaragua Maragogype Superior Giants, the aromatic Costa Rica “Tarrazu” or the impressing Ethiopia Sidamo “Dream of Africa” – our top quality coffees are praised time and again in international tasting sessions. With this selection of plantation coffees we are offering our coffee fans a wide range of incomparable flavours.

D&B Fine Coffee Blend

These D&B coffee specialities are blends of select raw coffees and perfectly matched creations for any coffee connoisseur who is expecting something special. Our espresso specialities are strong, spicy and sweet compositions with a vivid aroma. Coffee friends who love mild coffees especially choose the “Schümli” with its full taste. The distinguishing trait of our “Mild Melange”
is the particularly gentle roasting.

D&B Flavoured Coffee

Our flavoured coffees are an ideal change to your everyday coffee. The harmonic and fine aromas of the D&B coffee specialitiesoffer expressive taste experiences not only for special occasions. Well-balanced, exclusive coffee blends form the bases of all our flavoured varieties. The added aromas are carefully dosed such as to allow the fine coffee flavour to unfold and to facilitate a harmonictaste of coffee bean and flavour.

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