Sweet Cult

No matter whether tea or coffee… both can very well be enjoyed with something sweet. Whether this is directly added to the drink or offered on the side depends on your taste. Everyone will easily be able to find his or her own favourite supplement. Actually, the term supplement is too belittling for this stand-alone product range, which is very independent but reaches perfection in combination with coffee or tea. Of course, the selection of our products is closely linked to the concept of speciality shops. This means that freshness and high quality are of utmost importance, either in bulk units, which are then packed into individual size units before the eyes of the customer, or in pretty single packaged units, which underline the speciality shop quality. The focus hereby is on high quality production and a product philosophy, which remains true to its tradition while bringing forward new developments.

Manuka Honey,
MGO 250 , 50 gramm

  • Senza glutine

Miele con curcuma,
250 g

  • Senza glutine
  • Non scontabile


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