Bolivia Cafe la Frontera busta da 250 g, caffè in grani DE-ÖKO-003

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Origin and Plantation
Café de Frontera (frontier coffee) is a project, which supports the coffee business between Bolivia and Peru with the goal to improve the living conditions of Bolivian coffee farmers. This project is focused on sustainability, quality and fair production. The coffee is produced in Bolivia and then sold through Peru. This cooperation has solved the problems concerning logistics and sales and, thus, coffee cultivation has become profitable for the farmers. The increased income has significantly improved the social and economic situation of the Bolivians.

Character and Taste
The Bolivia Cafe La Frontera offers you a harmonious body, which is rounded off by its medium acidity. A chocolate-honey-like flavour with an aromatic note of fruits is characteristic for this coffee and will make you swoon over it.

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Bolivia Café de La Frontera

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