Biscuits specialities

Tea Toast

This tasty speciality will pull anyone in its ban of sweet temptation and belongs to any well-stocked delicatessen assortment. Paper-thin wafers with a hint of cinnamon and sugar, vanilla, ginger or vanilla-mocca perfectly complement your tea or coffee table. Discover the world of the Orient with the orange-cardamom-cinnamon teatoast!
An indulgence, not only for tea lovers!

Shortbread of Edingburgh

Shortbread is a very traditional British biscuit, which often accompanies the traditional 5 o‘clock tea. This biscuit is mainly made from butter, sugar, flour and starch. A particular focus is put on the butter, which is especially made for the Shortbread House of Edinburgh.
Together with a traditional method of baking, it largely determines the consistency of the finished Shortbread, which differs noticeably from mass-produced ones.
The Shortbread House of Edinburgh, founded in the 80s by Anna Wilson, still acts today in a niche market with high quality, handmade biscuits which are continuously gaining in popularity, also in our catalogue. It is not without reason that this bakery has received a large number of awards for the exceptional taste of their products.

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