Colombia Swiss Water décaféiné, sachet de 250 g, en grains

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Origin and Plantation:

Caffeine is a natural substance, which is contained in many different plants, mainly, though, in the coffee plant. It acts invigorating and is, therefore, not suitable for just anyone at anytime. This is, however, no reason not to be able to enjoy coffee at all. Decaffeinated coffee was developed for exactly those people who may not consume caffeine or who want to avoid its invigorating effect. Many diffe different chemical processes were developed to decaffeinate coffee, all of which we strictly reject. Our decaffeinated coffee follows exclusively the natural "Swiss Water Process". During this process, no chemicals are used, only pure water. This conserves the original character of the coffee with its full flavour and aroma.

Character and Taste:
Anyone who believes decaffeinated coffee to be dull and tasteless will be positively surprised. This coffee impresses with its expressive aroma as well as voluptuous taste and must not fear the comparison with its non-decaffeinated role model.

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Colombia Swiss Water

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sachet de 250 g, en grains

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