Café "Chili Chocolat" sachet de 250 g, en grains

Numero de l'article 12602
Unité d'emballage ( Conditionnement): 1 carton à 4 ST

Origin and Plantation
This blend also presents only select Arabica beans, which have been gently refined in our own roaster. This composition will definitely offer you a unique taste experience.

Character and Taste
The full, strong aroma of dark chocolate, only to be followed by a pleasantly balanced spiciness, dominates the first impression. The natural sweetness of this carefully roasted coffee gives a subtle touch to this speciality and makes this coffee a must for all those who "like it hot"! The Aztecs were well aware of the effect of hot chilli matched with fine chocolate and rejoiced in this fiery "love potion".

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Café "Chili Chocolat"

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