"Croccantino al Sesamo" 200 g

Numero de l'article 53309
Unité d'emballage ( Conditionnement): 1 carton à 16 ST

The range "Le Indimenticabili", in English "The Unforgettable", was created to relaunch traditional sweets which were endangered to slip out of our minds. All bags are black and white and are equipped with photographs from the turn of the century. They truly do awake nostalgic feelings. The offered sweets have a long tradition and we are happy to be able to offer them to you. Croccantino al Sesamo Sesame with honey ═ the ultimate delicacy. The typical sesame taste in combination with sweet honey ═ the result is a yummy unprecedented crunch. The original recipe has its origin in the Ukraine and is used unvaried since centuries ═ you will agree that the delicious taste does not need any alteration at all. Content 200 g