Fruity Tea Bears - new flavours available!

Have you ever tried our tea bears? These little fruit gums are uniquely versatile, very popular with young and old and inspired by some of our favourite tea creations! To prepare a hot drink, stir one to two bears in a mug of hot water. And of course, all of these bears can also be simply nibbled.

Ten delicious varieties have now made it into our range. Elderberry-Rhubarb, Raspberry-Vanilla, Strawberry and Turkish Apple are perfect for a relaxing day in the garden, on the balcony or as a snack on the go! On warmer days, the fruity and tangy varieties Mango n' friends, Bitter Lemonade and Peach Lemon are wonderfully refreshing. When it gets cooler outside, we look forward to the
warmth of the spicy winter bears with the flavours Ginger-Lemon, Fair Almond and Cinnamon-Orange. Try for yourself!

By the way: All our bears are are gluten free and come with product labels. They are available in 1kg bags, so you can pack and mix them for your customers. Try them for yourself – we are happy to send you some samples, just ask your sales team!

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Tea Bears, Blueberry-Johurt, 1 kg

Tea Bears Orange-Grapefruit, 1 kg

Tea Bears Fair Almond
loose, 1 kg

Tea Bears Mango 'n Friends
loose, 1kg

Tea Bears Bitter Lemonade
loose, 1kg

Tea Bears Turkish Apple Tea
Yoghurt-Lime loose, 1kg

Tea Bears Strawberry
strawberry note, 1kg

Tea Bears "Ginger-Lemon"
with ginger-lemon note 1kg

Tea Bears "Cinnamon-Orange"
with cinnamon-orange note, 1kg

Tea bears "Elderberry-Rhubarb"
with elderberry-rhubarb note, 1 kg

Tea Bears "Raspberry Vanilla"
with raspberry- and vanilla note, 1 kg

Tea Bears Peach-Lemon
with peach- and lemon note, 1kg