Teabag Mixbox No. 3 Herbal & Fruit

  • Item No. 1706
  • Package Unit: 1 carton à 5 case

We are delighted to present to you our premium tea bag assortment in striking mix boxes. You can choose from eight themes which all contain different tea specialities. You will find three tea varieties per box which contains four tea bags of each tea variety. For your convenience and as a perfect presentation option, the boxes can be opened along the perforation and used as a display, for example in the catering trade, at the breakfast buffet.


4 x 3,5 g
Herb tea blend, Ginger-Fresh Tea
Flavour: ginger-lemon
Product information see item no. 22861

4 x 3,0 g
Herb tea blend, Cool-Mint
Flavour: mint
Product information see item no. 22847

4 x 5,0 g
Fruit tea blend, flavoured, Bitter Lemonade
Flavour: grapefruit-lemon
Product information see item no. 21141

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