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Each processing step shortens the coffee’s lifetime. Whereas raw coffee can be stored for years, roasted coffee will lose its aroma in two weeks at the latest, if stored improperly. If it is ground, it even loses its unique aroma within a few days. Ideally, the coffee should be ground shortly before consumption. The finer the coffee is ground, the spicier the taste. A coarse grinding produces a somewhat lighter aroma. Espresso is always ground very fine.

Preparation Cafétiére / French Press

Size of grind and dosage:
coarsest size of grind, 1 coffee spoon per cup

Wait until the water has stopped boiling and pour it until 2 centimeters below the rim, then stir carefully, wait for one minute, stir carefully again, close the pot with the sieve lid, wait for further three minutes and move the sieve downwards without applying pressure. Stirring the coffee twice will make all coffee particles soak water and sink to the ground.

Traditional hand brewing

Instead of a paper filter, use a gold filter. The gold filter does not hold back the aromatic oils. It has been found that pouring water in splashes over the coffee makes a more aromatic and full-bodied coffee than continuous pouring, the coffee should always drain completely before water is again poured into the filter.

Size of grind and dosage:

medium size of grind, 1 coffee spoon per cup

soak all coffee particles well with water which has just stopped boiling and then add water which has just stopped boiling until the desired quantity of coffee has been reached. In order to allow the coffee to give off its aromatic oils, all coffee particles must be well soaked.

Espresso-machine for stove

Size of grind and dosage:
medium size of grind, 1 coffee spoon per cup

Press the coffee powder in the sieve for home model machines only lightly. If the size of grind was too coarse, this can be compensated by stronger pressing.

Fully automatic espresso machine

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The dosage determines the strength, taste and beneficial quality of the coffee. For one cup of coffee take 6 to 8 g of ground coffee.

Water quality

The brewed coffee consists by 98 % of water. Good coffee water should be rich in minerals and oxygen. Water that is too hard, calcareous is not suitable. The heating time should be short.

Brewing temperature and time

The best brewing temperature is between 90 °C and 96°C, the brewing time should be 4-6 minutes.

Storage time and temperature

Coffee should be brewed for immediate consumption and drunk soon (within 30 minutes)


The biggest threats to the coffee aroma are oxygen and humidity. Store your coffee in a dry place and away from intensive scents. Keep it in its original packing (it is safe from scents) in a box. Coffee remnants become rancid after some time.

Milk and sugar

Milk makes the coffee aroma a bit milder and makes it easier to digest. Due to the milk, the caffeine is absorbed more slowly. Sugar, chemically seen, does not interact with coffee.

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