Rooibos Tea and Honeybush

South Africa

Rooibos ... the message from Africa.

The African all-rounder offers unexpected advantages. Both Rooibos and
honeybush are free of caffeine and tannic acid. For this reason the preparation is very easy. Too much tea or longer brewing times do not have such big effects and the infusion remains perfectly enjoyable.
We only import high-quality Rooibos qualities with most thorough sifting and cleaning. Our Rooibos is repeatedly sieved so as to ensure an even and high quality final product. We work with a “super grade” quality from cultivated rank growth. The needles are long and even. An indication of first quality, which clearly distinguishes this tea from a “choice grade”.
Rooibos tea can be excellently improved with most different decorations. For instance, mallow or sunflower blossoms are excellently set off against the thin, rust-brown needle-like leaf.

Herb Tea and Spice Tea Blends

South America

Herbs … indulgence without limits.

Hardly any other brewed drink offers such a large flavour variety,
as do herb tea blends. Spicy, flowery, sweetish, sour – even hot – no flavour is missing. No limit is set while enjoying this beverage since it is mostly without caffeine, tannin or acid. Each herb plant already impresses with its taste. There are barely any parallels, even under similar looking plants. Thus the Nana Mint differs from peppermint in its typical “spearmint” note while the eucalyptus gives a rather crisp freshness.
Fresh raw goods from the country of origin, carefully refined in Germany, are of utmost importance to us. Quality and freshness are regularly examined. Thus it is not unusual that we change a very proven and reliable partner, including the country of origin, because another product is fresher, more intense and more authentic. Quality plays an important role especially in the intensive flavour of the herb garden.
And Dethlefsen & Balk always offers first class!


Ayurveda is the world’s oldest, famous doctrine of life and health and comes from the advanced Vedic civilisation of Ancient India. The knowledge has been passed on orally for thousands of years.

The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge) and can be translated with “wisdom of life” or even “science of life”. The Ayurvedic doctrine is also described as the “integrated combination of the empirical doctrine of nature and philosophy” which focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, which are necessary to our health. These can be summarised as temperaments (energies) and are the so-called Doshas:

Vata (Wind, Air, Pneuma)
Pitta (Fire and Water, Chole)
Kapha (Earth and Water, Phlegma)

The essence of the Ayurvedic doctrine is that the Doshas should be harmoniously balanced and this can be supported with the help of the
strength of certain spices.
You will find the perfect balance for your energy in our Ayurvedic teas. In our herb tea blends you will find the ideal symbiosis from the Ayurvedic teachings and the European imagination and expectation of taste. Have you ever looked for a “different” tea? Then you will find it here. These intense varieties of taste do not contain any additional flavouring.


Commonly known as the national drink in India, Chai Tea is becoming more and more popular also in our regions. The classic components of Chai tea are black tea and spices common in India such as cloves, fennel, aniseed, cardamom, pepper and ginger. Chai tea is not only loved for its taste but also for its well-known positive effects on mind and body.
Our Chai tea is a symbiosis of Indian and European culture. Rooibos or green tea combined with Chai spices receives a new, very special note. We recommend adding milk (7/8 tea with 1/8 milk) to all Chai varieties, this takes away some of the spiciness and creates a very pleasant taste.


Wellness ... more than just a trend

The origin of the word “Wellness” is to be found in the terms “well-being” and “fitness”. Together, these concepts are the current definition of a healthy, conscious and vital way of life, which is based on the well being of body, mind and soul.
One of its main focuses is great care in the dealings with nature and natural products and the simple integration of this concept in everyday life. The choice of precious ingredients and gentle treatment thus contribute to the creation of tasty, yet beneficial products.
For us this means to use noble ingredients such as kombucha, Aloe vera or wakame seaweed, and to let ourselves be inspired by wellness
philosophies and nature-focused principles of the spiritual and wellness effects of the ingredients. The integration of these ingredients produces surprising compositions with impressive taste nuances. By using only tasty, yet beneficial ingredients we can be true to the original idea of well-being and fitness.

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