Tips for Making Tea

1. For your general information, our tea varieties are fitted with some recommendations for their preparation.

2. These recommendations are only suggestions based on our experience. Certainly,every tea lover should prepare his/her favourite tea according to his/her personal taste.

3. The basic rule for making tea: tea should be brewed with boiling water. Green tea, however, differs: the water should be brought to boil and then left to cool down to the appropriate temperature as stated in the recommendations.

4. A general rule for caffeine-containing tea varieties: an infusion of up to 3 minutes has a stimulating-, over 3 minutes a calming effect.

5. After the tea is brewed, it should be poured through a strainer into a pre-heated teapot.

6. Green tea can be infused several times; this reduces the bitterness of some varieties.

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