Shop outfit: customised sleeves, labels and advertising materials for your strong brand presence

1. Your customised fittings for the sale of unpacked goods
What would you like to customise? We can customise your fittings for perfect on-site sales. Many of our products on the following pages can be customised and printed, for example our labels and sleeves. Put together your desired items without any obligation. We are also happy to support you with matching promotional materials!

2. We stage your brand!
Do you already have an initial idea, a logo, a design direction? Please feel free to contact us - we will of course be guided by your specifications and existing designs, but we can develop anything for you from scratch according to your ideas!

3. Stand out from the crowd!
We will then implement everything for you. From the design, to the creation of the files, to the printout. You will receive the complete package from us and everything from one source!

Implementation options for your advertising materials - directly from our marketing department

Do you already have a brand, a first design or a rough idea? Or are you looking for inspiration and advice for the creation of your logo, your product packaging or general advertising materials? We can advise you, design your products and deliver:

  • Individual product labels and personalised sleeves for your tins. 
  • Individual business cards and other promotional materials for your specialised shop
  • Individual tea cards to present your product range 
  • Individual flyers, posters and banners for your promotional activities
  • Design of individual advertisements to place your products in print and online media
  • Individual price cards
  • Individual bag stamps with your logo or as an alternative to labels for your tea bags
  • Individual voucher cards

...and much more, for example tea pyramids, tea postcards, drinking chocolate, accessories or gift sets. Contact us directly and we will work out your perfect solution together! You are also welcome to draw inspiration from our current selection of other customisable products:

Design examples for individual packaging: Labels and matching sleeves for tea and coffee packaging.

Your customers will not forget an appealing and coordinated presentation in your shop, which is bound to increase your sales. You can achieve this very easily by using personalised sleeves and labels. We will be happy to design the right labels and sleeves for our tea and coffee tins. When creating your personalised advertising materials, we will always refer to your existing brand identity.
If you do not yet have an idea for your individual labels or other advertising materials, we will work out your design according to your specifications or submit suitable suggestions. On the following page you can see some of our most recent and popular designs, which we can quickly and easily customise with your logo. A distinctive, uniform look for your shop and your products becomes very easy this way! Do you have your own ideas? We would be happy to put your 100% individual design, logo or brand design on tins, bags, business cards, flyers etc. Everything uniformly from one source - even in smaller quantities.

By the way, you can find more information about our standard range and the available labels and sleeves as well as matching bags in our main catalogue in the category "Shop Outfit".

Start using online services - we can help you with that, too!

Images - texts - graphics: we can support you in the design of your online shop and your social media presence with our image material and product description texts. As our customer, you are able to download suitable photos from our image archive and, on request, you can also receive them in print resolution for the creation of your own advertising materials.
Would you like advertising banners for your online shop that match your other designs or do you need help with the visual implementation of your graphic elements on social media or your website? We can help you with that too.

Furniture - Room planning – Decoration
Plan with us!

We have beautiful, appealing furniture solutions for a variety of styles in our showroom: whether in country house, colonial or pop art style, whether cosy and rural or minimalist and purist. Come by and find inspiration. If you wish, we can also provide direct contact with a furniture maker.

Contact us even if you are just looking for a few tips and some inspiration!

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