Training Course

We offer over 500 standard teas in our range and have over 5.000 tea formulae in our files. At the beginning, it seems to be an almost impossible task to work through the technical facts relating to tea and coffee plants, countries of origin, plantations, cultivation altitudes, leaf grades, preparation methods, flavouring and so much more. But rest assured: it is possible to work through this task without getting lost. We will find a way to take you and your staff through your desired field of knowledge at a steady, reliable pace according to your level of expertise and curiosity. By stimulating each of the five senses our expert staff will take you on a guided “hands-on” tour through the theory, the background information and other products, depending on whether you are interested in orthodox teas or the finest coffees, or seeking in-depth information on flavouring and special ingredients. Our specialised colleagues from the Accessories, Quality and Marketing departments are also prepared to support you proactively.

Your dedicated contact will be happy to inform you about the upcoming events in the company headquarters or near you.


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