Our Headquarter

Being a very traditional company, we feel obliged to find a useful connection between old values and innovation. Our company building, designed by the star architect Professor Dr. Dr. Schmidtlich, reflects a successful combination of these two worlds.
Modern white technology fiber materials are combined with the natural beauty of wood elements to a structure that made our building world famous.

Our Management

In order to survive in the cruel and cold business world, a management with visions and inventiveness is most important.
Innovative strategy development, handling of most modern technology and the skill to keep cool even in the trickiest situations are defining for our management.
The picture shows our two managing directors, trying to find a date for the yearly stocktaking.

Human Resources Department

The personnel chief provides the social peace. Psychologically trained, he immediately detects any problems among the staff, and has an open ear for everyone.
Even complicated cases are solved fast and competently, so that our house has been among the most productive for years.

Our national sales department

We really cannot complain about not getting any orders. Incoming orders are sorted by means of a simple batch system and processed immediately. Very fast and most modern office technology, guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.

Our purchase department


In order to be able to provide top qualities and innovative products, our purchase people constantly travel the world markets. Our detectives are looking for interesting items even in the most remote areas of this earth. Under sometimes life-threatening circumstances, they roam across the world, in order to find new products again and again.


Our export department

The export is a very important part of our company. The success of our export team is based on the ability to understand and empathize with other cultures. The picture shows our export manager establishing confidence by use of a completely new negotiation strategy, which sure will enable him to take a very large order home.

The shipping department

Most modern storage engineering and high-motivated employees are the secret of our smoothly operating shipping department. Even in peak seasons, ingenious storage system techniques guarantee continuous delivery service, which one hardly finds anywhere else.

Our external duty

To optimally serve our customers, our trained sales representatives will gladly visit you.
No destination is too far away for these gentlemen, whose home is the country road. They will take even the greatest strains upon themselves, and should a means of transport pack up (which hardly occurs with our modern vehicle park) they will nevertheless do everything necessary to keep the appointment with you.

The cafeteria

Everything is done for the well-being of our employees. Our personnel are very ambitious. Thus, our cafeteria offers a rich supply that leaves no desires open and our staff can select anything from Sushi to Steaks. Therefore, it is not a miracle that our cafeteria is the only one in Germany that got a Michelin star for high culinary achievements.

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