Mission Statement

What you can rely on

In these fast-moving times of almost unlimited possibilities, we continue to build on long-term relationships and stability. The trusting cooperation with our business partners is based on fairness and reliability and goes back to the traditional committing “gentleman’s agreement”. Our founding principle remains fairness in trade coupled with commitment.

Tradition implies commitment - Modernity spurs us on

Being a traditional trading company in Hamburg, an international business location, we assume responsibility for regional projects; at the same time, we support sustainable development in the countries of origin. Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. We take the use of alternative energies for granted. Also, a large portion of our teas and coffees come from controlled organic cultivation.

From our homeport, Hamburg, into the big, wide world

Hamburg is the hub and pivot for European tea and coffee trade The port of Hamburg – the gateway to the world – allows us to open our view beyond conventional horizons, a concept that has been firmly anchored in our company culture. From here, we deliver our quality products to over 80 countries worldwide. As an international import and export company, we stand for cosmopolitanism and recognise the great potential nestled in social diversity.

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