Enrich your bar with tea’s complex aromas. Tea infusions and cold extractions are perfect if you want to slightly alter classic cocktails; the drinks become more interesting and offer your guests immediate food for thought.
If you have never tried a homemade Kombucha tea drink, you’ll be surprised how refreshing it tastes. The micro-organisms added to the tea are responsible for the typical tingling sensation and the sweet and sour taste.
Matcha Latte’s worldwide triumph is being closely followed by a series of tea and herb related foamed milk drinks in international cafes, the lead role being taken by Turmeric Latte, also known as Golden Milk.
A balanced breakfast ensures a good mood and a successful start to your day. Our Matcha muesli is ready in a jiffy and full to bursting with only the best ingredients. The fruity note of our organic Matcha harmonises with the other ingredients without covering up the Matcha’s own complex aroma.  
Many people have tried to solve the mystery around the Valley of Centenarians. Why so many people reach such an advanced age remains a well-kept secret; it’s lucky for us that the full-bodied Arabica that thrives there is, on the other hand, well known. We are delighted to be able to offer a small batch from the current harvest.
the current Health Claims Regulation does not allow health related publicity for goods in the EU which are classified as foodstuffs. An exception is accepted if a foodstuff contains a sufficient quantity of an ingredient (verification required) which has been authorised and registered by the Health Claims Regulation.
The Paleo Diet, also called the stone-age diet, is based on humans’ original nutrition before Homo Sapiens settled and began farming. Since tea did not exist as a hot drink during the Palaeolithic Age, we researched the possible compatibility of tea with the Paleo Diet.
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