Those who crave chocolate but prefer to avoid rich sweets do not necessarily have to do without the luscious taste of chocolate. Our herbal blends based on cocoa peel unite chocolaty indulgence with winterly flavours for chocolate lovers to enthuse over without bad conscience.
Has the hectic search for original gift ideas begun? How about a homemade tea jelly? Take a look at how to make a handmade present with just a few ingredients and even fewer steps! A sweet idea to tempt every elf!
Upon hearing smoked tea, most of us automatically think of Chinese black tea specialties or the slightly milder smoked flavour of Russian caravan tea. Smoked tea is also actually produced in India too: we would like to introduce the Assamese counterpart.


The city Yixing in the eastern province Jiangsu is considered the birthplace and centre of Zisha pottery manufacture. In the surrounding mountains there are mineral deposits that are over 350 million years old and that have been used for the extraction of red ore for thousands of years.
When daylight is wanting and it starts getting cold, physical activity slows down and you feel tired and listless. The idea of going outside is not enticing and we retire into our cosy, warm homes. This is the right time for soul-searching and meditative contemplation.
The Matcha fan club is getting bigger every day, but not everyone has the appropriate accessories to prepare this special tea. The delicate original Japanese Matcha Sets are a perfect gift idea for all Matcha lovers and guarantee a perfect result. At home or at work.
The high-carat Gan Lu green tea grows at the top of the Meng Ding Mountain and is undoubtedly one of the oldest Chinese teas. Records state that this tea speciality has been known for over 2000 years and is still a major flagship of the region.


Ginger’s exotic spiciness is just perfect to warm you up during wintertime. Its main component gingerol is responsible for the aromatic taste of the small super root.
Mate was already classified as a societal stimulant among America’s natives and was being used as a brewed beverage in pre-Columbian times. Today, mate is Uruguay’s national beverage and the base for a large variety of trendy drinks.
The split roasting method requires that the characteristics of each coffee be emphasized by an individual roasting process before the coffees are brought together in a gourmet blend to create a smooth, balanced taste experience. For a superb result with no compromises.
The year 2016 will most definitely be remembered in the history of Canadian tea cultivation: A Canadian farm succeeded for the first time in harvesting self-planted tea in the picturesque town of Westholme on the northern American pacific island of Vancouver.
According to government sources, the meteoro-logical disasters in China annually cause a total economic loss of an average of 30 billion US$. New, government subsidised insurance policies are designed to help farmers to better cope with these climate-based losses in harvests.


This Geisha coffee from the Costa Rican highlands bears no comparison to an everyday coffee. Our master roaster has optimally managed to develop the complex characteristics of this coffee in our in-house roaster. Only limited quantities available.
A silver lining for dismal tea cups: our new Chai tea blends add spice to your day and taste anything but bland. Exotic spices, an extra portion of fruit or green coffee beans ensure a cheerful change.
Our tip for sophisticated coffee lovers. The coffee maker “Jeremias” avails itself of physical laws and produces extraordinarily rich coffees with a full-bodied, round flavour.
In the larger Chinese cities, the upper Middle Class has taken to drinking Afternoon Tea in Victorian-style Tea Rooms. Imported blends from the British Isles are an absolute must-have.
Plums sweeten that time, when the days become shorter. The juicy aroma of the ripe fruits can be combined in many ways. Our tea creations reflect the plum’s versatility, from sweet and sour to oriental and spicy, so that our plum teas leave nothing to be desired.
Let’s face it… Do you eat enough green leafy vegetables every day? There are probably some salad lovers among us, who can indeed answer affirmatively. For everyone else, green smoothies could be a good alternative.


Rambling through the Provence in late summer, the warm season highlights its’ sensual side: seemingly endless carpets of blossoms of vibrant violet lavender shrubs reveal their unique beauty and radiate a gentle herbal fragrance.
The cultivation of coffee in Cuba is characterized by ups and downs. While Cuba once belonged to the most important producing countries in the world, the island of the Antilles is nowadays especially known for the export of cigars and rum. In future this could possibly change again.
Inside every bean of this rarity lies the unique Cuban Way of Life: A substantial flavour, carried by a well-balanced body, provides for an unconventional and spicy coffee flavour, which easily reminds of the character of Cuban cigars.
Experience the new assortment 2016/2017 online: dive into exciting worlds in the accessories area and discover numerous product novelties in all categories. 


Yellow Tea is a selected tea specialty from China that is only rarely available in the retail markets even in its country of origin. In the past, Yellow Tea was delivered exclusively to the imperial court whereas today we are able to enjoy this imperial treasure as well.
After Darjeeling was plagued already this year by bad hailstorms now the next weather extreme follows: heavy rainfalls completely submerge parts of Darjeeling and Assam. You can learn more about the local situation in our report.
Malaysia presents itself as a colourful and multifaceted country. Diverse religions and cultures coexist in Malaysia. Apart from the Chinese and the Indian tea cultures, another way of preparing tea developed and is now very widespread.
Why travel so far? We reveal how to prepare a delicious Malayan Teh Tarik in the comfort of your home.
Nothing beats looking forward to your next holiday. However, thinking of the local meagre tea selection may just dampen your spirits. For those of you who would not like to forego the pleasure of a quality cup of tea, here are a few travel tea tips for your holidays.
In Japan, Mulberry leaf tea has been part of daily meals for generations, whereas we still know very little about the delicious infusion that is vaguely reminiscent of green tea. The well-kept secret from the Land of the Rising Sun is being slowly but surely revealed.
Are there nasty stains on the inside of your teapot as well? We reveal how to remove the patina from your teapot in a gentle yet effective way so that your teapot can continue to shine beautifully, even inside.
Our TEA ON THE BEACH ice teas are the ideal refreshment for hot summer days. If you liked them cold, imagine them frozen: TEA ON THE BEACH as an ice-lolly! We have tested them for you!
Its origins are in faraway Himalaya, but what makes the Moringa tree so special is its extremely high concentration of nutrients, multiple fields of application and, last but not least, its fresh, spicy flavour.
As a reminder for the implementation of the last stage of the EU Food Information Regulation at the end of the year, precisely on 13.12.2016, we have drawn up a brief summary of the main points for you.


Cold coffee? Yes, please! From the classical Iced Coffee to exotic Coconut Pistachio coffee – there are diverse possibilities! Our coffee recipes for hot days are a welcome change and wonderfully cool.
Experience the novelties of our new catalogue 2016-2017 on our booth live through all your senses – see, touch, smell, taste. We are looking forward to your visit! For the overview of all upcoming trade shows please refer to our fair guide.
An exquisite choice of sophisticated batched goods can now be found in our Web shop under “Order” – “Seasonal Offers” – Chest Offer”. The offer is updated regularly. Ask for your personal Login so that you can check prices and availability online at any time.
Many women prefer to renounce caffeine during pregnancy and thus switch to innumerable herb or fruit tea blends. We would like to call your attention to Rooibos and Honeybush tea.
This summer recipe guarantees a direct goal at your upcoming Euro Championship party: juicy oranges, cool cucumber slices, sparkling wine and a good shot of rum. It’s hard to resist!
You don’t fancy boring wrapping paper? A Wishbox is the perfect package for a special present! These ornamental boxes with a built-in card are easy to fold and are a real eye-catcher! Available in 5 stylish patterns. 
Our pretty summer display, “Summer Paradise” is already available. Its contents reflect summer’s fantastic flavour variety with four delicious teas. We will also send you recipe cards for wonderfully refreshing iced teas. The discounted price is valid until 31.08.2016.


We all know China as the traditional tea producing country. A hitherto little known phenomenon is that coffee farming is becoming ever more important in China.
We are pleased to present our first ever coffee from the Middle Kingdom: a very mellow, full-bodied, harmonious Arabica coffee from the Simao coffee growing area in Yunnan – a spectacular coffee that can stand comparison with any top quality coffee.
Help us make room for the new range while profiting from our unbeatable discounts. Be quick to take advantage of these prices before it becomes too hot to deliver chocolate and pralines. Only as long as stocks last!
There is still a persistent rumour about tea cultivation in East Frisia due to the high per capita consumption and their East Frisian tea blends. Of course this is downright nonsense! But is there any tea from Europe at all? We will unravel the mystery!
White tea is rather unusual for the Steinthal tea garden. One day however, the farmers hit on an idea which finally generated this wonderfully worked leaf quality.
The time has come: the new TEA ON THE BEACH Ice Teas arrived today and will be ready to be sent out to you from Tuesday, May 17th!
For a long time, only connoisseurs appreciated tea as a high quality product; nowadays, increasing numbers of young people are gaining access to this multifaceted natural product.
Lapacho trees are not only pretty to look at, you can also brew a delicious tea using their inner bark, just as the Incas used to do a long time ago.


The international coffee scene is moving. Espresso bars may soon have to face competition, because slowly but surely, the new coffee revolution is rolling in.
This coffee comes from the Ethiopian rainforest and grows in an unadulterated environment. Optimal growth conditions and attentive, gentle, on-site processing ensure its absolutely unique character.
Mother’s day is just around the corner: a decorative tea posy is always an original idea and the lucky mum can try out several tea varieties from your range. Here are step-by-step instructions to bind your own tea bouquet.
With a little luck, those who love walking through the spring woods might find wild growing woodruff. This wild herb has a distinctive, intensely sweet flavour that is reminiscent of childhood days.
Maibowle is a springtime drink with a long tradition. The first ever written reference to this drink was in 854. Nowadays the Maibowle is a well-loved drink at spring festivals and at May Dances. Here is our version of this prominent classic.
At the start of the first flush season, our tea masters imported two first rate, top quality teas from the new harvest. Both teas have the potential to become our very favourite tea.
An unusually strong hailstorm surprised Darjeeling Town last week and transformed large parts of the region into a white landscape. Tea farmers are now worried about losses in the year’s first harvest.
The first teas of the season are being plucked right now in Darjeeling. Our Monteviot is a fully developed leaf tea with the best First Flush characteristics: an aromatic, flowery treat from the first plucking period! Fruity and fresh and slightly sweet. 
This is no April´s Fool: scientists from the Tea Research Institute in Assam have developed a tea pill for particularly busy people. You can take the tablet anytime, anywhere, and you do not need hot water!


Does the future only have Robusta coffee in store for us? Is Espresso and the lifestyle it represents a thing of the past? Find out more about the extent of climatic change.
Yellow coffee cherries ripened in the first rays of Brazil’s morning sun… the result: a sweet, mild Yellow Catuai coffee par excellence! For those who appreciate pleasantly light coffees with a distinct flavour.
The world’s most sought after porcelain cup has a diameter of 8.2 cm and costs impressive 36 million US dollars: a small porcelain cup from the Ming Dynasty with hand painted hens.
Für alle, die nicht gleich ein Vermögen ausgeben wollen und dabei trotzdem auf bewährte Cha Cult-Qualität setzen: Preiswerte Porzellantassen und elegante Accessories finden Sie jetzt zu reduzierten Preisen in unseren „Besonderen Angeboten“.
We have made drastic cuts for you: save up to 42% on our sweet delicacies and scrumptious pastry specialties. Only as long as stocks last!
Archaeologists have been working on an unveiled burial site in Western China since 1990 and have now made a mystifying discovery. Plant remains were unearthed and subsequently identified thanks to modern lab technology.
This jewel comes from the Tian Mu Mountains in the province of Zhejiang and was already famous during the period of the Ming Dynasty. A limited amount of this rarity is now available!
When spring comes to Japan, the Japanese cherry blossoms are at the center of the nation’s attention. The whole country then celebrates an important feast in their honour: the “Hanami”, also known as the “cherry blossom viewing”.
Why not bring the spring into your shop! The attractively decorated display “Spring Teas” with delicate cherry blossoms presents our best loved spring tea blends. The special price is only valid until 30.04.16!


Renato Bialetti, who passed away recently at age 93, has created his own monument with his world famous mocha coffee pots. Not least, because each Bialetti pot is embellished with a likeness of him in form of a comic cartoon.
“Enjoy an espresso anytime, at home as well as when travelling“, this was once the marketing slogan of the Italian Moka pot manufacturer. Does it deliver what it promises? We have put this small stovetop maker to a test.
Spring is colourful and multifaceted and our season’s highlights reflect this spirit. Experience a world of flowers and colours…
This is some hot drink! This green tea will win you over with its alluring combination of mint and elderflower. To die for… do you want to try it?
A cup of tea is symbolic for England’s fine ways and has a firm standing in society. Come and discover Britain’s tea traditions.
An absolute must for an Afternoon Tea Party: English scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Very British and incredibly yummy!
Gaining by foregoing: fasting is more than mere abstinence. Self-reflection, inner balance and the cleansing of body and soul are all part of a fasting cure.


A coffee project with a big heart: direct distribution channels and supportive marketing facilitate fair trade and promote social justice for farm’s families in Guatemala.
Not only the coffee of your choice is crucial for the optimal taste result, water also plays a decisive role. Water quality is often neglected although coffee consists of 99% water.
Do It Yourself is absolutely trendy! While nature has her beauty sleep outside, before putting on a dazzling new dress, we will stay inside where it is cosy and warm and spend our time relaxing while we crochet and drink hot tea.

Enjoy your favourite tea while on holiday or when you are in a rush: our new Premium Pyramidal Tea Bags are declared in 5 languages. The shape of the teabag allows the different teas sufficient space to completely unfold their noble aroma.
A comfortable solution for system catering and takeaways: high quality top sellers in tear-resistant, aroma sealed caddies with a practical tag guarantee a quick preparation with no loss in quality.
Enjoy your favourite tea while on holiday or when you are in a rush: our new Premium Pyramidal Tea Bags are declared in 5 languages. The shape of the teabag allows the different teas sufficient space to completely unfold their noble aroma.
It ensures vivid moments and is a perfect gift for special occasions: Chinese Blooming Tea
Begin the New Year with an elaborately worked blooming tea made with carefully selected, delicate leaf tips and colourful rose and marigold blossoms.
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