Many have heard about the so-called ‘civet cat coffee’. We are talking about Kopi Luwak, the most precious and expensive coffee in the world. Below you will find out why this coffee is considered to be special.
In Arabian countries, the invitation for a coffee in good company is celebrated as form of expression for hospitality and stands at the same time as a symbol of generosity.
NASA space mission to help tea farmers in Assam face the challenges of
climatic change.
The finest Assam leaf teas for sophisticated tea lovers: enjoy these precious leaf qualities with a high percentage of golden and copper coloured tips and a unique bouquet.
From the poor farmer’s daily drink to the lifestyle beverage of modern society. How Chai tea conquered the world.

Our delicately spicy Chai Tea cookies are perfectly suited to the pre-Christmas season and will certainly enrich your Advent teatime.



Cold brewed Coffee for a tull taste and less acidity. Cold Brew Coffee is the new trend for coffee lovers.
Enjoy a cosy afternoon with your loved ones and sweeten your Advent season with a spicy-chocolaty Advent coffee.
The fact that almost every home in Russia owns a samovar underlines the importance of tea in Russian culture. And whoever owns a samovar makes tea according to the Russian tradition.
Discover more about how a shipment from neighbouring China lastingly changed Russia’s drinking habits and influenced tea lovers.
Wherever you turn your head, you will find a varied range of Ayurveda related offers: from wellness applications to Ayurveda cooking courses. Read more about what Ayurveda is really about!

A real heart warmer! Sweet, fruity juice harmonizes perfectly with the fine spices of our Ayurvedic Yoga tea blend. A perfect complement for a romantic winter atmosphere! It is quick to prepare and incredibly good.

What is your favourite? A dash of lime, a juicy mandarin, a bittersweet grapefruit or a bit of everything? Come and discover the Yuzu fruit from the Far East with its extraordinarily complex aroma!
Why not spoil yourself and your loved ones with this unusual delicacy: fluffy white chocolate cream icing reveals a velvety chocolate and Matcha layered cake!



Come and discover this miracle of nature! For thousands of years, Indians have been honouring this plant, while in Europe the many positive characteristics of the Moringa tree are delighting more and more people.
Our price-winning top coffee Peru Tunki (organic) has meanwhile achieved numerous top marks in national and international comparison.
At the Expo Café Peru last week it was able to again score with quality and flavour!
The first prize for the highest consumption of tea goes to the East Frisians, who consume an average of 300 l tea per capita yearly! Compared with, for example, the rest of Germany, their consumption is way above average. Read more about how to prepare the original East Frisian Tea!
„Bone China“ without animal components? It is no paradox and no contradiction! We are pleased to present “New Bone China”. Read more about the vegan alternative to Bone China!

Make yourself comfortable, it´s time to curl up and listen to ghost stories by candlelight with a hot cup of pumpkin tea in your hands. But, where does this tradition actually come from? 

What happens when four magnificent natural flavourings form a bond with our mild but intense Matcha “Taishan”? The resulting hot beverages are light and creamy, the flavours harmonize perfectly and will convince you in no time at all!



The world’s biggest festival, this year’s 176th Oktoberfest, is in full swing. A whole lot of fun for big and small alike. If you will not be able to make it or if you would like a souvenir to awaken happy memories, we can help you take a bit of the Oktoberfest home!

Were you looking for a delicious recipe for Sunday’s cake? We have something special for you today: coffee in a new dress! We all know and love coffee as a perfect companion to a luscious piece of cake, but have you ever tried coffee as an ingredient in a cake?

Would you like to relish the sweet joys of life without remorse and are on the lookout for a natural, plant-based sweetener? We would like to present two alternative options to conventional, refined sugar!

You will find exciting new tea and coffee recipes in our new recipe collection. Have fun browsing and mixing!

On youtube you can find a video, shot on Finca San Santiago, showing the actual work carried out to gather and prepare our organic Tunki coffee. The video is shown in the Spanish original version with both English and German subtitles.

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