The aspiring African continent has been known for decades for supplying mainly Great Britain, but also countries such as Pakistan, Egypt or Afghanistan, with bulk tea. Mainly the grades CTC, Fannings and Dust. For some years now, we are delighted to notice that more and more plantations are on the way to turn towards the production of high quality leaves and specialities, besides producing bulk ware. We can now fi nd black, half-fermented, green and even white tea creations from the highlands in Malawi, around the imposing Mulantje massif. Very well crafted black and green tea qualities from Rwanda, cultivated in its North, in the mountainous regions around Kinihira. And also top teas from the Kericho district in Kenya, located north of the Rift Valley. Classic, strong, CTC-produced teas from Tanzania round off this selection.

This African selection offers an excellent alternative to the Asian world of tea.

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