Formosa (Taiwan)


This island is the home of the world-famous Oolong teas and of some interesting green teas. Various qualities are predominantly being exported to China, Japan and the USA; some do, of course, reach Europe.

The term Formosa comes from the Portuguese and means “wonderful” island. Since 1885, the name Taiwan (literally “Terrace bay”) has become more famous and is the official name of this island today. As in the case of Sri Lanka/Ceylon, the name Formosa kept its importance in the world of teas. Even though the fi rst tea plants were grown in Formosa only in 1650, an impressive tea culture has developed ever since and was further promoted by the many tea experts who emigrated during the Cultural Revolution.

First-class Oolongs are produced in the northern and north-eastern mountain regions of Taiwan. The province Nantou is known as the main growing region of the classical Oolong teas.

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