Teas from Nepal, which used to be classified as “good average” qualities in the past, have undergone an impressive development in recent years. Not only the orthodox tea varieties, but also the half-fermented, green and even white creations, which are offered on the market, must not hide behind their “big” brother in Northern India in terms of processing, optic, fl avour and scent – some even surpass it.

Exceptional teas are produced by individual planta tions with lot’s of enthusiasm and more and more knowhow in largely mountainous cultivation areas at altitudes of up to 2,100 m, often already from controlled organic cultivation.

In the mid-19th century, the fi rst tea plants were cultivated in the region of Ilam. In the world of tea, the term Ilam is still today associated with quality tea from Nepal. Similarly, the younger cultivation areas, e.g. Dhankuta or Therastum, also enjoy an excellent reputation today.

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