Coffee Sao Silvestre Late Harvest bag of 250 g, whole bean

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  • Package Unit: 1 carton à 4 ST

Origin and Plantation: Discover our newest speciality from Brazil: a 100% ripe coffee, hand-sorted and unwashed. We have secured the entire annual harvest of 2011 ═ 2012 for you! The coffee beans of this variety ripen later in the season,because they are located on the side of the plant that only receives the morning sun. After the harvest, the coffee is sorted by hand, which has a unique impact on its quality on the one hand, and also secures manyjobs. After the drying, the beans are stored for at least three months and are then peeled just before shipping. The annual production is approximately 80 to 100 sacks (4800 to 6000 kg). Character and Taste: The flavour clearly represents the absolute ripeness of the handpicked coffee cherries. The well-balanced flavour yields a smooth body to the cup, which is wonderfully rounded off by aromas of caramel, chocolate and hazelnuts. This encompassing experience forms part of every cup and underlines the unique quality of this excellent coffee

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Coffee Sao Silvestre Late Harvest

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