Costa Rica Tarrazu

The approximately 300 Arabica varieties have been enthusing coffee experts for quite some time. South of the capital city of San José lies this growing region Tarrazu, one of the most renowned of the country. When Colombo lay anchor at Costa Rica (spanish: rich coast), coffee wasn't known there. The first plants were brought there from Cuba about 250 years ago. Today, there are 100 coffee plants per capita in Costa Rica. This nation is a coffee country of superlatives. Costa Rica was the first Central American country which introduced academical and argonomistical innovations and brought the cultivation and processing methods to a world-wide leading level.

Character & Taste:

The „Costa Rica Tarrazu“ receives its international respect from its very expressive, aromatic, sour flavour which is very favourable for the stomach due to the manual roasting method. The aroma profile of this coffee is enhanced by its harmonic body. The Costa Rica Tarrazu is among the best coffees of the world.


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