Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Ceylon teas offer the tea connoisseur a large spectrum of flavours:

Pleasantly harsh, high-grade tea from the south-eastern UVA-District, delicious, golden tea from the Western Dimbula-District as well as highly aromatic and golden yellow-coloured tea from the mountains (some reach an altitude of 2,000 m) surrounding Nuwara Eliya. Stronger and darker qualities are generally from the lower tea growing regions.

Ceylon teas are traditionally very famous, especially in Eastern Europe and in the near and Middle East. The influence of the English colonisation greatly affected Ceylon’s (renamed Sri Lanka in 1972) cultural and economic development.

Due to the various geographical locations, one does not only distinguish the regions, but also the altitudes at which the teas are grown:

Lowgrown:                0 – 550 m
Mediumgrown:    550 – 1,050 m
Highgrown:      1,050 – 2,250 m

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