Assam is a province in north-eastern India and has a tropical climate. Surrounded by Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, Tibet and China, the only connection to the mother country India is a strip of land in the northwest of this province. About half of the tea produced in India is grown here: the largest tea growing region in the world. These strong and spicy teas perform well with hard (calcareous) water and form the basis for several classical black tea blends. Tea plants are cultivated in large tea gardens with a cultivatable area of up to 1,000 hectares. There are about 2,000 plantations in Assam.

Main Crops

Mid April - late May
first flush These qualities are not economically signifi cant for the European market. These teas are mostly aromatically fresh, feature a light cup and are rather tart in character. For this reason they do not meet the traditional Assam character.

Early June - Mid August
second flush Assam teas from the second plucking period are of the largest relevance in terms of quality and export business. These qualities are often very “coloured” (high portions of tips), the infusion is mostly very dark and they have a typical strong, full, spicy and malty character.

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