Herb tea blend Cool-Mint flavoured box of 15 pyramidal tea bags of 3 g each

Item No. 21064
Package Unit: 1 carton à 6 case

Top Seller in Pyramid Tea Bags
The preparation of high quality teas is often diffi cult while travelling or when one is pressed for time. The solution to this problem is right here in front of you. You will receive the premium quality of our bestselling teas in pyramid-shaped tea bags which provide the perfect space for the teas to fully unfold their fl avours. They are packed in boxes with an eye-catching and modern design, with labelling in the languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags per box, protected by an inner sealed bag. The preparation suggestion detailed on the box is perfect for a cup portion of 200 ml.

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